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Welcome Changes Radio with Caron Goode


Show Topic: Kids Who See Ghosts

Who is Caron Goode?

Caron Goode brings compassion and clarity in assisting others to effect lasting transformation through personal coaching, books, and seminars. Caron is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International, an e-learning global portal for training and certifying parents and professionals as self-employed Coaches for Parents and Families. Caron manages, which provides strategies for holistic approach supporting children’s physical health, emotional fluency, mental development, and spiritual enrichment. She also founded Intuitive Parenting & Intuitive Children web site, which offers specialized training for parents and parent coaches. She is the author of twelve books, the most recent are the award-winning Raising Intuitive Children, Help Kids Cope with Stress and Trauma, and The Art and Science of Coaching Parents.



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